The story text screen appears after the player beats the shareware release of the game; it is completely absent from the registered release. This is a vertically-scrolling screen that contains text and a few images over a repeating background (P_FINALE.PCX). The text continues the game's story. Preview images and ordering information are then displayed.

Transcript Edit

[Image of Oscar destroyed: BS1DR.L]

You have defeated Oscar, one of Dr.
insane creations. You
begin to celebrate your victory but
soon realize that your journey has
only begun. You catch your breath as
a cool sweat drains from your brow and
envision all those poor, helpless
sea creatures being lured into Dr.
Riptide's hideous tuna factory. Anger
swells in your gut, and your hands
begin to shake as you vow to make
Riptide pay for all his mischief.
'No way, fruitcake!' you cry outloud [sic].
[Image of Dr. Riptide: LILDOC.L]
Meanwhile, back at Dr. Riptide's tuna
lab, the Evil One himself relaxes in
his shark skin recliner. He snickers
at his viewing monitors as the sleek
yellow sub
slips quietly through the
darkening waters towards the ruins
surrounding the lab. Thoughts of a
confrontation bring a twisted grin to
his disfigured face. A small drop of
drool falls to the floor as Riptide
finishes his bowl of muscles [sic] and then,
suddenly, the room trembles with
his insane laughter.

There is no turning back...

[Displayed if player skipped the secret level: "You missed the secret level!"]