Pea Shootin' Pete, also known as Spit Wad Willy, was a commercial action/arcade game released in 1994 for MS-DOS by Villa Crespo Software, Inc. The game features 256-color VGA graphics and sound card support. The game was programmed and designed by Raoul Said and produced by Avery Pack. Its music was composed by Dan Froelich and David Bredesen.

Description Edit

The player controls Pete, armed only with a pea-shooter, and must fight bouncing aliens (which split into smaller pieces when hit) and bosses while also collecting bonuses.

Levels Edit

  • Death Bot Conflict
  • The Orion Ordeal
  • Search for Evil

Bosses Edit

  • Death Charge Danny
  • Queen of Orion
  • Heart of Evil

Trivia Edit

  • This game was also released in 1993 under the title Spit Wad Willy.