Boss2 otis
Internal name BS2, OTIS
Encountered in act 2
Level Enter Otis
Score 4000 per tentacle + 75000 (91000 total)
Otis transparent

Otis is a giant octopus and the second boss of the game. It is encountered at the end of Ruins of Atlantis.

Otis follows the submarine and shoots ink projectiles from the sides.

In order to defeat Otis, the player must first destroy all of its tentacles. After its tentacles are gone, the boss's main body will become vulnerable, and it will only move horizontally (although it will still try to follow the player).


  • A preview screen from the shareware release describes Otis as "the best-fed octopus in the sea!"
  • The number of arms that Otis has is ambiguous. On the stats screen, Otis is shown with eight arms. The boss itself has four arm sprites, but when they are destroyed, it can be seen that the boss's sprite actually has six appendages.

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