The JASON submersible is a small remote controlled submersible that follows and aids Nick Nautilus on his mission. JASON can also be controlled independently. JASON is very small, allowing it to reach places Nick's submarine can not. Its weapons can not upgrade as high however, and it runs on battery power when away from Nick. Some levels require the player to rely heavily on JASON. JASON is not available on boss levels, unless cheats are used.


  • JASON may sometimes have trouble entering a cave at the same time as Nick. Make sure JASON is directly over the center of the hole before entering.
  • Since JASON is smaller than Nick's sub and less likely to be hit, using JASON to take out certain projectile firing enemies can be safer and save shield.
  • JASON and Nick's sub share shield strength. When JASON is damaged, Nick's sub is also damaged.
  • JASON will sometimes briefly malfunction when the main sub is heavily attacked.

Trivia Edit

  • In the full version of the game, JASON is slightly upgraded. It can fire at the same time as Nick, and its weapon can be upgraded to power level 2.
  • Unlike Nick's submarine, a front view sprite is not used when JASON turns, and a rear view sprite is not used when it enters a cave. JASON's front and rear view sprites are instead used only when the probe is disorientated and spinning.

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