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Doctor Tiberious Riptide is the antagonist of In Search of Dr. Riptide. He is an evil scientist who creates the Tuna-Matic to conquer the oceans. He makes sea creatures become his mindless goons, and hides in his underwater laboratory off the coast of Australia. He is the boss of Episode 3.


Riptide TUNA

The Tuna-Matic is a device created by Dr. Riptide which turns sea creatures into a marketable delicacy. Riptide uses the device to create expensive, fake Tuna intended for the evil and powerful to buy. Its name comes from the word "automatic" combined with tuna.


Dr. Riptide
Boss3 riptide
Internal name BS3
Encountered in act 3
Level Confrontation
Score 100000

Dr. Riptide appears at the end of episode 3 as the game's final boss. Riptide drives a relatively large, powerful submarine armed with heavy torpedoes.

To defeat Riptide, the player must first destroy the heavy cannon on the boss submarine. After this cannon is destroyed, the boss's main body becomes vulnerable. At this point, the boss will rapidly fire smaller torpedoes which can very quickly drain the player's shield.

Trivia Edit

  • An unused boss destroyed graphic exists in the game's data, and shows what may be an old design for the Dr. Riptide boss.

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